Vince Buhagiar

I would like to put forward my thoughts regarding one of the most important subjects of all times.

I know that our constitution is based on the right of the individual but the collective is still an accepted policy in the field of business and investments.

To explain better my views, I would like to use our Capital City as an example to make clear what I would like to suggest.

Lately in Valletta one of the smallest Cities in E.U is experiencing a boom in boutique hotels and other investments. This is all well and good as is happening all around our lovely Island.

But if we take Valletta alone, for example, the way things are going we will have only a few individuals who own many parts of our City.

Same is happing all over the Island, and many doubts are always put forward every time a project is announced.

I think that it is about time that collective investment will be preferred against speculations.

This could be achieved by the Gov announcing the project and the citizens participate with a minimum and maximum sum of money.

This will eliminate speculations and be fair with all who would like to invest in our economy and not leave it all to the few.

This thus not mean that the individual will be eliminated but at least in big projects, everyone could participate.

I agree, with what there is today but change is needed for the better.


Vince Buhagiar