Timothy Alden

Dear Sir/Madam

I have submitted my personal proposals for the reform of our Constitution, based off of my experience in NGOs and politics and from my experiences throughout my life in general. Malta and Gozo are currently at war with themselves and only good governance can heal the rifts in our society – through the fairness and equality it provides.

Having said that and submitted my proposals, I wish to state that I believe that the public consultation period should be taken further, and society truly engaged with and a public debate fostered. Constitutional reform should not only happen on a website, although it is technically convenient. Most people, I wager, are not aware that this website exists at all.

Please, make the most of this wonderful opportunity and do not waste it. Furthermore, what are the terms of reference for the experts who will comb through the proposals? While I trust the academics and experts, they must nonetheless be operating under some form of direction or have a set of instructions to follow. They should be as free in their work as possible.

I submit my thoughts in good faith.

Viva Malta, and Viva Gozo.

Best regards,
Timothy Alden