Simon Cusens

On behalf of all the 10,500 members in the Facebook group named ‘The Malta George Cross Movement’, we write to stress we all wish to keep the George Cross symbol, flapping on our flag.
This symbol reminds of the 1,600 Maltese civilians and 7,500 servicemen and merchant navy men who perished during WW2 in the succour and defence of Malta from the extreme Far Right forces of Nazism and Fascism. There is no greater need than in our troubling times to remind of the dark, oppressive and destructive nature of such idealogies in our society, and to promote the Christian values embodied within the GC on our flag.
The symbol, having been retained and embraced by subsequent governments of post Independence Malta, leaves no doubt that it may no longer be considered as some form of Colonial imposition and at least since 1964.
All 10,500 members of our Group stand for this ideal: to retain the GC in memory of all our WW2 Fallen. There on our flag. Until the end of Time.

Simon Cusens
MGCM Admin