Paul Debono

Public officers, magistrates, judges, including parlamentarians, ministers, parlament secretaries ,and top government officials :

1. Should have their bank account under public scrutiny
2. Should have ALL their perks and bonuses made public
3. Performance bonuses should be scrutinised by a public board .
4. Should publicly declare all their pensions
5. If the citizens are allowed only one pension, so must these public officers.
6. Public officers can have multiple pensions- so must have ordinary citizens
7. Their income tax declaration should be under public scrutiny
8. When travelling on government buisness, they should book their flights and accomodation from a purposely government approved, single travel agency
9. Any public officer who is a freemason should resign
10. Politicians should be officially addressed as Honorable and not doctor , professor or any other private monencluture. Their private buisness is not public.

Government Employees

An amendment in the right of privacy should be made, to allow the government to set up an electronic surveyillance system to supervise the attendance and whereabouts of its employees during working hours .

Performance bonuses and perks should be given only by a special appointed board, under public scrutiny.