Kaċċaturi San Ubertu VO1049

Protection of minority groups rights, their indigenous customs, privileges, legal practices and traditions.

Human rights legal instruments refer to ‘cultural rights’ or ‘the right to culture’ or the ‘right to take part in the culture’. A central part of minority groups is their right to protect, maintain and develop their cultural customs, privileges, legal practices and traditions, these being a vital part of human diversity. These are at the core of the existence of certain minority groups, and respect for such elements has a salutary impact on the general well-being of a substantial part of individuals within Maltese society. Recognition of minority groups as the main interpreters of their traditions, practices and customs must be ensured and given protection in our Constitution. This line of thought is supported by a petition signed by 104,293 Maltese citizens presented to Parliament on June 3, 2014. https://parlament.mt/12th-leg/petitions-committee/related-documents/petition-no-3/