Christopher Martin

Leave the George Cross on the flag.
Raise the minimum wage and entrench a minimum living wage in the constitution along with free health and education as well as social benefits.
Declare core services such as health, schools, water, electricity and transport as strategically crucial and forbid their privatization at constitutional level, permanently reversing the current trends since Malta is too small for the free market to work properly and price gouging and blatantly unfair billing practices are happening all the time. Of course allow a private sector alongside it to offer choice but do not let private sector take over.
Let presidency become a non political duumvir position where both persons must agree on the role and give said presidency right of veto on badly written or unclear laws or which would send laws back to house to be rewritten properly in such a way that the executive part of those laws is properly explained and thought out without resorting to umpteen legal notices which end up changing the spirit of the original laws.
Let president duumvirs be elected by popular election after house shortlists candidates with 2/3 support for their candidacy.
Let board of ethics chaired by presidency scrutinize all political person resumes and expel any member of the house for any breach of laws including misdemeanors in case of failure to reason. Likewise, let said board scrutinize judiciary, chiefs of police and army.
Let a judicial council propose judges with zero interference from parliament and reporting directly to the presidency.
Let judicial council and presidency propose AG, police and army.
Remove districts entirely, making pariochal politics a thing of the past.
Give heavier weight of vote in elections to net contributing citizens, i.e. individuals whose balance of income and benefits is such that there is a net contribution, even if only of €1 to eliminate rampant demagoguery and populism, income under-declaration, freeloading, fake needy, and tax evasion (…do for your country not just what country can do for you…).
Alongside vote, possibly on ballot sheet or IRD tax return, provide a choice 3 out of, say, 10 sectors citizen would like your net tax contribution to be spent on, so curtailing spending on stuff dictated by lobby groups while making lobbying and party financing illegal.
Computerize then the combination of weighted voting and choice of sector for spend of my tax money in such a way that parliament focuses on largely discussing the extent of spend on the right sectors not which sectors and hopefully not white elephant projects we generally do not need and are only envisioned to generate you know what.
Commit to funding of any national representative sporting individual or team in real terms without excessive bureaucracy by entrenching recognition of such in constitution as an extension of national structures and support them with embedded officers and educators paid for entirely by the state.
Automatic grant of citizenship to any resident, even if third country national, who has made Malta his or her home, who honors Malta with exemplary sport, scientific, artistic, or sporting commitment.
For the record, I am native Maltese, and think Malta is small enough to have the above described elements of direct democracy tempered by, hopefully, a wiser and more representative council in parliament and balance of powers, and checks and controls.