Charlie Axiak

Stronger fines for landlords who overcrowd buildings for profit and if court again losses property.
Foreigners that commit serious crimes after jail get deported.
Foreigners that commit minor crimes 3 strikes and your out.
Employers that employ people without proper paperwork for work should get hefty fines and pay all taxes that are due.
People who vandalize and throw rubbish outside should get hefty fines and pay for cleanup and court again double the fine.
Burker should be banned in Malta for security.
Make politicians more liable for corruption with loss of all benefits in public service plus fines.
End freedom of litigation in parliament.
Hit and run drivers should get a long prison sentence for not assisting in first aide.
Foreigners that commit crimes and have a Maltese citizenship should loss there citizenship.
Harsher jail time for drug pushers.
Strengthen health and safety act make employers liable for employee safety.
Dangerous drivers loss there licence and must retake lessons.
Heftier fines for people court under the influence of drugs and alcohol.