Anthony Zammit

1) The role of Prime Minister is defined as ‘Primus inter paribus’ but in practice it is much more ‘Primus’ than ‘Paribus’. A lot of this excessive power must be curtailed.
2) The Ombudsman & The Auditor can only be removed on serious grounds and this action against them must have the support of 66% of Parliament members, YET their recommendations are OFTEN ignored. This “shelving” must also be curtailed.
3) Since 1964 many “Authorities” have sprouted and others are continually being set up. The post of CEO in these “Authorities” should be allotted after a competitive examination of sorts just like all other senior posts serving the general public and NOT by appointment from a Ministry. These are NOT “positions of trust”.
4) The Cost of Living increase should be granted every 6 months not annually + its mechanism should be reviewed ever so often to ascertain that really “essential” items compose the ‘basket’.
5) The Electoral Law should be amended in the sense that political parties should be represented in Parliament in proportion to votes obtained over ALL the electoral districts.
6) The Broadcasting Authority is to ensure that during “political debates” on TV/Radio, ALL parties have a representative. This should apply also to “press conferences” of which ALL Parties should have an equal number.