Anthony Azzopardi

The Judiciary:
Magistrates and Judges should be appointed following an examination. A specific course for applicants needs to be set up with top-class lecturers even from overseas. Appointments should not be at the pleasure of politicians.
They should be full time with adequate remuneration but need to disclose and dissociate themselves completely from private work under pain of a 100000 euro fine. Backbenchers should not be appointed to Govt or para-Govt boards.
Should be given teeth so that his recommendations are acted upon.
The Roman Catholic Church should remain the Country’s Official Religion in keeping with our Western Christian tradition. Other religions can co-exist freely in the country.
The Planning Authority:
If there are not Govt appointees beholden to whoever appoints them, the Authority will function better. A better mix of board members is required to take on every sector’s concerns.
The Environment:
I suggest that a separate chapter is added to the Constitution specifically dealing with the protection of Malta’s heritage, environment, archaeology and historic landscapes, in such a way that this protection is ensured and enforceable by the necessary structures, administrative resources and effective legal remedies