Alex Felice

I thought first we ought to understand that our constitution is fundamentally strong though it needs to be adjourned to the times and based on our experience since it was written. If it may have been abused does not diminish its quality. In a way it is a monument to its authors that should be recognized by referring to the original version as Cremona1, otherwise known as the independence constitution, then Cremona2 is the republican and there may be others such that this review might be Cremona3 or 4 for example.

Fifty-six years later, the constitution should reflect the wish of the Maltese people to organize their governance with a fair representation of all views contrary to the bipartisan tribalism that has been imposed by the winner taking all. The generation of work and wealth is a different matter. On the other hand, it should not be too constrictive on the policy options of the government of the day e.g. the neutrality clause.

In this case; who are the Maltese, the Maltese migrant, and future generations. What are the spaces of Malta; on land, on/under the seas, even the eCloud!!!

Undoubtedly, the constitution should protect their lives and the life of all others, our Christian and European values while welcoming all those religions that do not run counter to our fundamental values. Largely the same principles should apply to the protection of the natural environment beyond the ravish of material greed.

The electoral system should provide for a small House of Representatives, partly elected by proportionality subject to fair thresholds, and partly by party lists/nominations with premiums to ensure governability and to protect minorities.

A second house/national debating platform/ Senate should be considered.

No one should occupy elected positions for more than two terms in succession

We do not have the luxury of wasting capable people on unnecessary figurehead positions. The Head of State should be given authority over sensitive areas that should be outside the party political turmoil. Clearly, the administration of Justice, The secret and military services, and representation in certain international fora should be in the remit of a suitably supported presidency. In this case, the President, and perhaps also certain other positions such as the Chief of Police should be elected by an “Electoral College” that is judiciously composed to reflect the various interests and balances of power in the country.

I hope you find some of these thoughts interesting to pursue.